Cultural Sites includes cultural heritage sites, historic places, cultural landscapes, natural sacred sites, the underwater cultural heritage, museums, movable cultural heritage, handicrafts, the documentary and digital heritage, and the cinematographic heritage.

Tantalizing Taman Sari (Water Castle), Yogyakarta
A bathing place in the past, Taman Sari was the place to relax for the kings and the wives of the kings. more»

A Memory of an old time in Semarang, Central Java
The old records of this city date back to the 15th to the 18th century AD in where captivating ancient and colonial monuments still standing to present date. In the older part of the city, near the harbour, you can still find an interesting collection of buildings dating back to the Dutch Colonial era and the Dutch East Indies Company more»

Basking on Beautiful Borobudur
About 41 kilometers northward from Jogjakarta, Borobudur offers spectacular sight in this modern world. more»

Exploring Jakarta Heritage
The older parts of Jakarta offer the chance to view the sceneries of the past. Explore Sunda Kelapa Harbor and other places of interest to the fullest, where modernity and remnants of the past can be found. more»

Kindling Moments of the Past in Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat
Kraton (palace) of Jogjakarta is rich with history. Built in 1756, this palace has witnessed many generations of royalties ruling Jogjakarta and the surroundings. The building is located on a huge site. more»

Prambanan,The 1000 Temples Minus One
Many, many years ago, so they say, lived a beautiful and haughty princess called Loro Jonggrang. Many people wish to marry her but she always refused, setting impossible tasks for her suitors to perform. more»