Condolenceto Yogyakarta and Central Java
The Ministry of Culture andTourism and the entire cultural and tourism societies have sent theirheartfelt condolences to the people of Yogyakarta and Central Java overthe recent earthquake more»

Bali Recovery
There are few places in the world that can be described as a true paradise, but Bali Still lives up to it's reputationas the "Island of the Gods". With a unique culture and people who live inharmony with the land and each other you are sure to find peace,tranquility and hospitality wherever you go. more»

Indonesia Travel Planner 2006 (Guide Book)
The Indonesia--Travel Planner2006 is a comprehensive guide to plan your trip to Indonesia. From gettingto a destination to what souvenirs or keepsake to keep an eye on, thisbook will relay it to you. more»

Published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,Welcome To Indonesia is a comprehensive guide to plan your trip toIndonesia more»

Indonesian Culinary Experiences
There is nowhere else on that offers suchculinary variety than Indonesia. Whether it's spicy Indonesian favoriteson the street, to a wonderful selection of different restaurants offering the best food from around Asia and beyond there is something to please all tastes in this land of diverse cuisine. more»

Indonesian Eco Experience
From birds of paradise to prehistoric lookinglizards, delicate orchids to multi-colored insects, dazzling schools of tropical fish to majestic sea turtles, dramatic volcanoes to beautiful coral reefs, misty jungle to winding rivers, the Indonesian archipelago is home to some of the most diverse environments on earth and full of natural come to Indonesia discover the most diverse flora and fauna imaginable. more»

IndonesianGolf Experince
Still Asia's best kept secret, the manicuredfairways and perfect greens of Indonesia's many international class golf course are set amongst mountains, close to beaches and sometimes ever in the city centers. With club houses like five star hotels and caddies displaying wit and charm, there is no other golf experience quite like Indonesia. more»

Indonesian Travel Experience
Wherever you go throughout the Indonesian archipelago you will be greeted by a myriad of different ethnic people who take pride in sharing their diverse culture and traditions with you, making Indonesia a uniquely diverse experience more»

Indonesian Conference Experience
With a wealth of impressive exhibition sites, innovative conference venues and first class hotel facilities, Indonesia is waiting to welcome the world as a venue for conferences, exhibitions and meetings, whether it's the big city excitement, historical attractions or luxurious locations we ensure that all your business, conference or exhibition needs are catered for, in our unique Indonesian way. more»

IndonesianTravel Experience for Middle East
Wherever you go throughout the Indonesian archipelago you will be greeted by a myriad of deferent experiences from nature and from modern shopping and entertainment complexes, making each holiday unique and unforgettable.

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