Kindling Moments of the Past in Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat

Kraton (palace) of Jogjakarta is rich with history. Built in 1756, this palace has witnessed many generations of royalties ruling Jogjakarta and the surroundings. The building is located on a huge site. Kraton's building is located in the center. Thick walls were built around this palace in 1785, causing the palace to look fortress-like. This used to be the residence of the servants, soldiers, and lesser royal families. These days, this place has become small villages inside the kraton, the residence of artists,most notably painters and batik-makers.

Consisting of several buildings, walls, and gardens, Jogjakarta's present monarch still lives in this historical place. Some parts of this palace are open for public.

Getting There
Kraton is located in the middle of Jogjakarta city. You can visit this place on foot, by becak (pedicab), or by taxi.

Where to Stay

Numerous inns and hotels in Jogjakarta.

Moving Around

On foot.

Dining Guide

There are many restaurants and eateries in Jogjakarta, some are located near kraton.

Souvenir Tips

There are many souvenirs related to kraton but,it is much cheaper if you buy it on Malioboro street. Postcards and T-Shirts depicting kraton are among the

Other Things to See or Do

Explore this rich cultural heritage and admire the buildings and relic leisurely. You might be interested in visiting Taman Sari, another historical place. Taman Sari is within walking distance.

Travel Tips

  • Respect the locals dress casually but please cast aside your flesh-revealing outfits. Kraton is a sacred place among locals. Wear shoes instead of sandals.
  • Hire a guide for better understanding of this spectacular palace.