Prambanan,The 1000 Temples Minus One

Located about 15 kilometers away from Jogjakarta, this Hindu temple was built in the 9th century. Sometimes Prambanan is called Loro Jonggrang. There's a legend involved, concerning Loro Jonggrang. Many, many years ago, so they say, lived a beautiful and haughty princess
called Loro Jonggrang. Many people wish to marry her but she always refused, setting impossible tasks for her suitors to perform. One day, a noble told Loro Jonggrang that he'd like to marry her. Loro Jonggrang agreed, in one condition: he had to built one thousand temples during the night. The man had extraordinary powers, so he did not even flinch upon hearing this. Loro Jonggrang watched in horror at this man's ability. The noble managed to build one temple and then another, efficiently and quickly. Loro Jonggrang did not want to get married, so she cunningly roused the roosters to crow before dawn. That way, the man would lose the bargain. When the roosters crowed, the man had finished building 999 shrines. Angry for being tricked, he turned Loro Jonggrang into a big statue and use it as an adornment for the 1,000th temple.

Nowadays, an open theater has been constructed in front of this temple. On certain months, especially during the full moon, traditional dances depicting Ramayana and other legends are performed here.

Getting There

You can rent a car to go to this place.Alternatively, join a tour.

Where to Stay

Innumberable inns and hotels scatterred around Jogjakarta.

Moving Around

Explore the temple (and 200 or so smaller shrines remained from the so-called 1,000 temples) on foot.

Dining Guide

There are no restaurants nearby, but you can buy snacks here. Bring your own food and drink, if you wish.

Souvenir Tips

Even though there are many peddlars around this site, it is best if you buy souvenirs at Malioboro street. Should you wish to buy the souvenirs from the peddlars, don't forget to bargain.

Other Things to See or Do
Admire the big statue of a woman (some say that it was Loro Jonggrang herself), take a look at the bigger and smaller temples.

Travel Tips

  • To save money and time, join a tour.
  • Ask the locals and tourist centers for information concerning the traditional dances and events.