Seaworld Sensation

Located in Ancol area, Seaworld offers breathtaking view of life underwater, without having to dive in the ocean. You can learn a lot of things in this place--such as the form of piranha (many people have heard about these vicious fish, but not many know how they really look like), what the fishes eat, and so on.

Getting There

Public transportation, taxi, or by renting a car.

Where to Stay

Inns and hotels in Jakarta. There are some hotels nearby, though.

Moving Around
Seaworld is located in a building, so you have to use your feet to move around.

Dining Guide

A foodcourt is available for the visitors inside the building.

Souvenir Tips

Seaworld-related souvenirs are sold here. Favorites include sea animals dolls, shirts, hats, keychains, jewelries, and others.

Other Things to See or Do

  • Watch documentary movie(s) concerning marine life.
  • Observe various fish and other marine animals through tunnels made of thick, strong glass.
  • Pat the little fish and turtle at the pond.
  • Learn fun facts concerning marine life on touch-pad computers.
  • If you're lucky to come at feeding time, you'll be able to see the fishes eat.

    Travel Tips

    • Bring spare clothes or towels. Playing with the little sea animals can make your clothes wet.