Fun at The Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi)

Dunia Fantasi, or Fantasy World, is a recreational park located in Jakarta. Fun for both kids and adults, this park has the exciting rollercoaster, enticing ferris wheel and many more. A great way to spend the time with your loved ones.

Getting There

Use public transportation, taxi, or rent a car.

Where to Stay

Several hotels within vicinity, if you want to spend the night.

Moving Around

Walk around while looking for the next amusement engine to ride.

Dining Guide

There are several restaurants to choose from in this place.

Souvenir Tips

Several stores here sell Dufan-related souvenirs, such as T Shirts, hats, bags, and the like.

Other Things to See or Do

Try everything, if you're a game lover! If you have a faint heart, have no fear, there are so many amusement engines, catering to every person's preferences.

Travel Tips

  • By traveling in groups, you'll be able to save money.
  • If you plan to ride everything in sight, then pay the entrance fee that will enable you to ride each and every amusement engine.
  • Bring spare clothes and towels. You might get wet by riding several engines heresome involve water.