AMANJIWO RESORTS " A Peaceful Resort in Central Java

Amanjiwo (peaceful soul) opened in Central Java in 1997. With clear views to 8th century Borobudur, and drawing its design inspiration from this the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world, Amanjiwo specializes in cultural excursions and experience, highlighting the influential and long-standing artistic traditions of Central Java.

Amanjiwo (which means peaceful soul and opened in 1997) is fashioned out of limestone and takes its inspiration from the surrounding culture of Central Java. The resort is located within a natural amphitheatre with the limestone Menoreh Hills rising directly behind, the Kedu Plain in front and four volcanoes " Sumbing, Sundoro, Merbabu and Merapi " gracing the horizon. Amanjiwo looks out onto Borobudur, the largest Buddhist sanctuary in the world. Indeed, Borobudur is carefully mirrored in the resorts design and central dome. The view runs arrow-straight through Amanjiwos entrance and the stone corridor that neatly cleaves the resort, up the steps to the soaring, bell-shaped rotunda, down to the Dining Room, on to the Terrace, past rice fields in an unwavering line to Borobudur itself. Several kampungs (small villages) are within walking distance.

Amanjiwo is constructed from paras yogya " the local limestone. Thirty-six suites radiate outward from the main building in two deep crescents. These are rimmed by high, limestone walls set off by spider lilies and morning glory. The walls blend into the stone walkways that link the suites to the main building and the Pool Club. At the far end of the resort, in a lush tranquil setting, is the Dalem Jiwo " a large private suite with two separate bedrooms.

Getting There

  • Amanjiwo can be reached by daily domestic flights to Yogyakarta and Solo either from Indonesias capital, Jakarta, or from Bali. Flights take less than an hour from either place and Amanjiwo is a one-hour complimentary transfer from Yogyakarta or two hours on the more scenic route from Solo, which passes some of the biggest volcanoes in Java. There are also several direct flights to Solo from Singapore and a thrice-weekly service to Yogyakarta from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Private air charter on a six-seater Piper Chieftain is available between Bali and Yogyakarta at a cost of US$2,590 nett. The flight takes two hours and maximum load is 500kg which allows for approximately four passengers with luggage or six with only hand luggage.
Where to Stay

Amanjiwos main building is framed by 36 suites arrayed in two deep crescents. The walled suites feature terrazzo flooring, high ceilings, domed roofs and sliding glass doors opening onto a garden terrace with a view towards Borobudur. 15 suites come with
private swimming pools.

Dining Guide

From Amanjiwos entrance, five steps climb to the rotunda bar, a circular salon of columns, ceiling fans and a coconut-wood bar. The Bar gives way to the arcing Dining Room, with its amber-washed, silver-leaf ceiling. Indonesian and Western cuisine are both available in an open-air setting. The speciality of the house is makan malam, classic Javanese offerings served in brass dishes. A Javanese gamelan orchestra performs at lunch and dinner.

Moving Around

You can move around Amanjiwo site on foot or bicycle.

Other Things to See or Do

Theres a lot of thing that you can see and do here in Amanjiwo, including:

  • Visiting the city of Yogyakarta and SoloTrekking: Hike up the Menoreh Hills to a vantage point over the Kedu plain or the leisurely 40-minute walk through the village of Selogriyo and its surrounding verdant jungle and steep rice terraces.

  • See the crowded of Market mornings in Central Java

  • Watch the village dances

  • Golf

  • Watching the mist rise off the rice fields and densely packed coconut plantations

  • Revealing the silhouettes of distant volcanoes in the distance.

Souvenir Tips

You can buy some souvenir at the resorts, or for more option, you can browse at the near city like Yogyakarta and Solo. There you can buy many local souvenirs like handicraft, textile woven, batik, sculpture and many else.

Travel Tips

  • Loose and casual clothing is advisable.

  • In the dry season, April to November, a light sweater may be useful in the evenings, especially in the hill country.

  • Airport customs procedures are generally handled in a fast and efficient manner.

  • In certain areas of Southeast Asia there
    is a chance of contracting mosquito-borne diseases. Reasonable precautions, including the use of mosquito repellent will minimize the risk.