Merapi abating on Tuesday morning

Mt. Merapi has been abating after spewing hot clouds to a distance of three kilomerters towards Gendol river on Monday night (Nov 20), it was reported here on Tuesday.

Heru, an official of the Mount Merapi Monitoring Post in Kaliurang area, Yogyakarta, said the volcano which is located between Yogyakarta`s district of Sleman and Central Java`s district of Magelang spewed the hot couds only at night.

"The volcano spewed hot clouds eight times, two of them occurring at 7.27 pm and 7.31 pm reaching a distance of three kilometers," Heru said, adding that Merapi`s peak was not visible on Tuesday morning because it was still covered by thick clouds.

Sleman district head Ibnu Subiyanto had earlier called on people living on the volcano`s slope to increase their awareness of the possibility of more hot clouds and floods of cold lava.

"Merapi is still in the status of alert, and we are still monitoring its development," Ibnu said.(*)