Angsana Spa
In beautiful open-air rooftop pavilions or cosy treatment rooms, sensory pleasures are sharpened as professional therapists skillfully ease tension and stress away. more »

Mandara Spa Originating in Bali
Mandara Spa has become the largest operator of tropical hotel and resort spas in Southeast Asia, managing more than 40 spas in Lombok- Indonesia, Guam, Japa n, Malaysia, Maldives, Saipan, and Thailand. more »

Fo ur Seasons at Jimbaran Bay
Overlooking the spectacular Jimbaran Bay, The Spa at Jimbaran Bay offers head-to-toe all natural spa treatments that uses sea salt crystals, seaweed and aromatics. more »

Spa in Bali Hyatt
A tropical spa that offers aromatic treatments designed for peace, health and beauty. Beautiful open-air pavilions set in lush gardens overflowing with fragrant flowers, secluded lot us ponds and the sound of flowing water create tranquil surroundings for a unique, holistic spa experience. more »

Grage Sangkan Hotel
Grage Sangkan Hotel Spa in Kuningan, West Java boasts of a natural 36 degrees C water pool, rich in minerals and micro-organisms. more »

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