Sea Offering Ceremony

February 7 - Cilacap Regency, Central Java

This is a traditional event which is annually held by fishing community in Sidakaya, Donan, Sentolo, Jawat, Lengkong and Tegal. This event is marked by drifting the offering offshore Karang Bandung village in Southern Nusakambangan island. The climax of this event is when the offerings (“Jolen”) are brought in a procession starting from the Cilacap Regent’s Residence to Pandanarang at the beach of Teluk Penyu. To liven to event, various art performances are held, joining the procession. The “Jolen” are transferred to colorfully decorated boat followed in its wake by many others, to be drifted offshore to Hindian Ocean at a small island of Majeti. This ceremony ends in the evening, with traditional art performances held in the fishing village.